Out of Office Expiry Date Option

Thanks to continuing and wonderfully helpful client feedback, we have added the ability in the latest version 1.39 of the Simple Intranet plugin to set an expiry date on the out of office alert sidebar widget.  This is done in the “Users / Your Profile” area.  See screenshots below for more.  Other updates to this version include moving the position of the Simple Intranet menu to allow for easy access to Dashboard menu. We also just added French language translation… Mon Dieu quelle tâche difficile!  And just as an update, final bug testing is being done on our Simple Files plugin (DropBox meets WordPress) and we will have it out by next week.

Sidebar Widget


 Users / Your Profile Options


Custom Out of Office Text Alerts

Based on another brilliant bit of feedback, we have added a customized text option for the Out of Office alert system. The default value is “Out of the office.” if not set, but can easily to set to something more specific… My personal favourite is “Gone fishin!”. 🙂



This text can be customized via the Dashboard in “Users / Your Employee Profile” as per below.


Out of Office Notifications Now Live

One of the most popular uses of an intranet is for employees to search for colleagues to help them get their jobs done.  When your co-worker is out of the office, it is important to know.  Our Simple Intranet plugin helps you keep track of who is in the office and who is not.  It updates the employee directory with a red notification message next to out of office workers, alerting those who are searching for colleagues.   It also displays a listing of all employees (photos and name) in the sidebar or other widget-accessible area of your theme via an “Out of Office” widget.

When an employee logs into the Simple Intranet dashboard, and they access their Employee Profile, they can toggle their vacation settings.  When they set the out of office alert to “ON”, it will display across all screens of the Dashboard (not just the Employee Profile area). Once deactivated, the warning message will only appear back on in the profile area.


This Out of Office widget can be placed in any available sidebar or Widget area.  This widget is accessible from the “Appearance / Widgets” menu for admins in the Dashboard.