Simple Files Security Update

Screenshot (34)We have added more options for securing uploaded documents in Simple Files in the latest release which is version 2.10.  There are now three choices in the Options area (gear cog in top right of the front end) under “File Privacy Options”. They are as follows;

simple-files-privacy11. Visible

The first is “Visible” which is the default, which means that if a user who is or is not logged in to your intranet knows the exact URL of an uploaded file, then they can download it. Depending on your server or configuration, they may or may not also be able to view files inside folders within your WordPress “wp-content/uploads” directory (though this is unusual).

2. Hidden

In this mode, folders within the main WordPress default “/uploads” folder will not be searchable or available for download to any users (logged in or logged out). However, if a user is logged out, and they know the exact URL of a file within a folder, they still could download it.  Note, some servers/installations already hide the /uploads folders automatically, so in some cases this feature may be redundant.

3. Blocked

When options are set to “Blocked”, only logged in users can find, view or download your files or your folders within the “/uploads” area on your site.  How we do this is to create a custom .htaccess file in the “/uploads” folder of your WordPress installation.  Note, this is not in the root of your install, only the “wp-content/uploads” folder and so won’t jeopardize your site. We have also created an option to restore or remove this security option.

Here is a more general overview below of Simple Files;

Tree View Added to Simple Files

We’ve added the option to view files/folders now in a tree view format in Simple Files version 2.05. You can toggle between this new tree view and the original breadcrumb view using the Settings (gear icon) option menu.  We’ve also added error logging for tracking any issues.



There are new settings for the tree view and error logging now in the Settings (gear icon) below;tree-settings

Simple Files 2.0 Document Revisions

In Simple Files version 2.0 we’ve introduced the ability to manage document revisions.  Using the front end settings (gear icon), you can choose between “None” (default), “Single” or “Multiple” concurrent file revisions. If set to single, each file may be checked out by only one user at a time. This option is useful for version control. If set to multiple, files may be checked out by many users at the same time and the responsibility of version control falls on the users.  See the new Document Revisions video tutorial below, as well as previous Simple Files related tutorials for more.

Simple Files v 2.0+ Document Revisions

Simple Files – Multiple File Upload/Download

Simple Files – Overview

Simple Files Adds Folder Import And More

Based on client feedback, we have added a number of new features to Simple Files version 1.92+, our front-end file management plugin. Click here for our general Simple Files overview.

Multiple File and Folder Import

This has been requested a number of times… so we finally figured out that we can do it, assuming your PHP version supports it.  If you have ZipArchive enabled in your PHP version, you will be able to create a folder tree of files, zip it and import it.  Once you have imported the zip file, you simply open/extract it using the new extract folder icon as shown below.


Multiple Files and Folder Download

OK, so those that want to highlight and download multiple files or folders at once can also do that in version 1.92+ of Simple Files. To upload multiple files, you can click the upload icon (first one with blue up arrow) and either Shift or Ctrl click the files you want to upload in the Media Manager of WordPress.  To download multiple files, highlight them in Simple Files (front-end) using the Ctrl key and clicking on them with your mouse.  Then click “Download” in the options menu and they will be downloaded as a zip file which you can extract (again, assuming you have PHP with ZipArchive module enabled).


Simple Files Settings

There are a multitude of new settings available… You can set the FROM, SUBJECT and BODY formatting of the shared file emails you send.  You can customize the sort order of how files display on the front-end, by name, type and creation date.  If available, the user who last modified the file will also be shown. You can also now set permissions based on Group OR by individual User now.  This is a big one that clients have been asking for, and more closely resembles other mainstream file sharing services features such as DropBox.  And lastly, there is a display of whether or not your PHP installation on your server supports key modules for file previews or multiple uploads or downloads: ImageMagick and ZipArchive.



Simple Files Video Demo




Simple Files Big Update Version 1.6

We are very happy to announce a significant update to our very popular Simple Files plugin. This version 1.6 brings more features and fixes a number of issues seen in previous versions.  We’ve taken lots of client feedback into account but tried to keep things simple at the same time (sometimes a very difficult challenge!).  Zip and PDF image icons have now been added, as well as features such as multiple folder or file selection.  Also, we’ve worked on reliability with a number of themes and plugins (JQuery plugin conflicts can occur, but if you are running the latest version on your site, all should be well – use the JQuery Updater plugin if required).

What’s New In Version 1.6
– The upload file option will not visible in the WordPress Media Uploader when role permissions are set.
– Default and custom permalink settings issue for sharing of files is resolved.
– Added an “Upload” button on front end, and there is an icon to set permission next to the icon of upload file.
– Permissions are integrated with standard WordPress roles, and there is now a tab of USER-ROLES in which options are implemented.
– Multiple file or folder selections have been added (e.g. Ctrl, Shift/Select key with mouse).
– Blank green background messages have been fixed.
– When permissions are set on a parent folder, now child folder can also inherit those permissions. simple-files-version-16

Simple Files – DropBox Meets WordPress

simple-files-450x450Our new Simple Files plugin brings DropBox-like functionality to WordPress.  This plugin will be of particular interest to those with local and secure self-hosted installations of WordPress where links to external services such as are not desirable.  More information can be found here.

Here’s a demo below on how it works.  Basically dead simple: just install the plugin and add the [file] shortcode to any page or post.  Then upload, drag and drop files, folders and set user role permissions.  You can share files via email, and specify upload file types and a memory limit. It leverage’s  the WordPress Media Uploader to allow files to be dragged and dropped right from your desktop, or media library.