New Activity Feed Plugin With Shortcode

We’ve just added a new plugin specifically for adding an activity feed using a shortcode: [si_feed]. Note that the existing activity feed that is included with the Simple Intranet core plugin will remain unaffected.  A benefit of using a shortcode to add an activity feed comment thread to a page or post is that you can create multiple discussion “groups” on separate pages rather than a single central discussion. When an admin is logged in, they will have the ability to post to any Group they like via a pull-down menu.  Note that the current version 1.0 is in beta and is available at the paid members area, and updates the feed via AJAX every 30 seconds.  Contact us via the support forum if any issues.

Here are details from our Documentation section on how to implement this plugin. See the screenshot further below for an example.

Simple Activity Feed Plugin

  • A simple Activity Feed that refreshes comments every 30 seconds 
  • Add this shortcode to more than one post or page (once per page/post): [si_feed]
  • The Admin or Editor can add comments to specific groups (roles) via a pull-down menu
  • Note: You must have comments activated on the page where you place the shortcode (See Settings / Discussion as well as the Screen Options / Discussion checkbox in top right of Dashboard)