Simple Leave and Many Updates

Over the past few months we have been steadily refining and updating our plugins based on client feedback.  Forum comments and issues are our priority for making bug fixes and adding features.  We have introduced our Simple Leave plugin which is an improved version of our Simple Vacation plugin.  We are working on adding partial days to that this month, and so expect it to be out of beta in the next few weeks.

We have also many many small updates to our core Simple Intranet plugin to add features like URLs and style classes to up to three custom fields.  We have added custom date formatting for our directories (grid and list view) and continued to do bug fixes for  our anniversary and birthday widgets as they are reported.  Please remember, that if we can replicate it, we will fix it assuming we are given version details of plugins/WordPress/browser/theme as well as detailed step by step instructions.

Here is a detailed summary of our change log from the past three months;

Nov 30, 2015 – Simple Intranet 2.93-5
Updated some issues with custom fields, and added ability to insert a URL and class for 3 custom field values. Fixed some issues with Anniversary and Birthday widget formatting. Fixed some date formatting and timezone issues.

Nov 17, 2015 – Simple Intranet 2.92
Version 2.92 fixes some email notification issues with the Import from CSV function and also fixes a bug in selected Widgets with wrong photos appearing.

Nov 11, 2015 – Simple Files 2.12
Version 2.12 added option to delete files from the Media Library and fix some navigation issues.

Nov 10, 2015 – Simple Intranet 2.85-90
Updates search box placement vs drop down menu and adds improved search results. Removes unwanted admin notices. Version 2.86 adds new Biography slug and URL fields in Simple Intranet / Directory Options menu.

Oct 26, 2015 – Simple Intranet 2.84
Version 2.84 adds custom date formats and search box length in Directory Options and a custom directory template tag %manager%.

Oct 20, 2015 – Simple Intranet 2.83
Version 2.83 updates some WordPress 4.3.1 fixes and removes [event_form] shortcode, so please use Community Events Add-on plugin now for front end event forms.

Oct 6, 2015 – Simple Intranet 2.82
Version 2.82 updates the event calendar, fixes the avatar import from csv issues and makes some WordPress 4.3.1 fixes. Note, Events Calendar Pro and Community Events optional plugin add-ons will need to be updated to version 3.12, now available via download in the Members area.

Sept 29, 2015 – Simple Intranet 2.79-81
Version 2.79-81 adds French phone format, fixes out of office expiry widget date, anniversary widget profile link and resolves some WP 4.3.1 issues.

Sept 19, 2015 – Simple Intranet 2.77-8 and Simple Grid View 1.99
Version 2.77-8 resolves some WP 4.3.1 issues, fixes white text in editor and fixes the import from CSV avatar image function.

Sept 15, 2015 – Simple Intranet 2.75-6
Fixed custom field search criteria and allowed for foreign first and last user names.

Custom Employee Directory Template

Simple Intranet version 1.93 and Simple Employee Grid View plugin version 1.78 adds a custom employee directory template option in the Simple Intranet / Directory Options menu area of the Dashboard. This popular request allows for employee fields and HTML to be added and customized when using the [employees] directory shortcode. See our Documentation section also for fields available and below.


Big Update To The Employee Directory

We’ve just finished a major update (version 1.431) to our Simple Intranet core plugin which is now available.  The major changes involve the formatting of the Employee Directory.  We’ve streamlined our main employee directory listing format, and now allow the option for Admins to let users add more personal information (biography, custom fields, social networking links, address and more) to their more detailed profile pages that we are calling “Biographies”. Admins now have the option to allow the user/employee photo and name to be clickable through to a detailed profile page as shown below. Further to this, access to this secondary profile page can be limited based on role.

For those developers out there, this is now saved as it’s own Custom Post Type in WordPress.  This is just a fancy way of separating out Biographies that are posts from the rest of the posts in WordPress.  Just note that there is now a “Biographies” menu in the Dashboard that allows you to view Biographies, but not edit them.  Editing must be done in the Users / Your Profile section.  This keeps this information in one place, which is accessible by all roles upon login, all the way down to the Subscriber level. Also note that the biography posts are not searchable using the core WordPress function. This is done to keep them private, especially if the Admin restricts access to them.





Some other changes include adding the option to edit the labels for custom fields.  We’ve renamed some functions to prevent future plugin or theme conflicts (though conflicts can still exist in rare occasions, but we’ll work with you to eliminate them).  Note, in the event you have any issues with this new release, please do contact us and let us know.  You can always roll-back to the previous version 1.392 link next to the orange Download button in the Members section if necessary as well.

May 28, 2013 – Version 1.4
Overhauled and extended the Employee Directory options available at “Users / Your Profile”. Added many more user profile fields including social networking options. Created a custom post type called “Biographies” which shows profiles saved under the “/bios” directory. Each time the user profile information is updated, it will update the employee summary directory and detailed biography post. Administrators also have the ability to restrict access by role to click through to the detailed employee profile pages (this is done also in the “Users/Your Profile” area when logged in as an Admin only). Also, custom field labels in the User Profile area can now be edited.

Custom Profile Fields Added

Just wanted to share an update of a few items… See below for the latest changes to enhanced User Profile information which are now live.  See our 1st demo for a view of what it looks like on the front and back end.

February 14, 2013 – Version 1.352
Added the option to include a personal biography in the Employee Directory via the Your Profile area. Changed the default order of the Activity Feed comments, so newest show at the top! Added 3 custom profile fields for items such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter contact information. Removed some recently deprecated WordPress functions for Version 3.51 compatibility.