Support Ticket Guidelines

In order for us to help you best, please be sure to follow these steps prior to posting. We find that many issues are generally not specific to our plugins, but rather to WordPress or your local settings or server setup:

  1. Search Google and first to see if it’s a non-plugin specific issue. We only support our plugins and do not provide support or training on WordPress, WordPress multisite, themes, general content management functionality or 3rd party applications.
  2. Search our forum, website via the top right search box, review our FAQs, videos or documentation from our Support menu. Also review our known issues that we are working on.
  3. Be sure you have updated the version of the plugin you are having issues with, as well as the WordPress version itself.
  4. If you get a white screen or similar after updating or installing a plugin, don’t panic. Just use an FTP client to disable the latest plugin you installed by renaming it’s folder (e.g. plugins/simple-intranet to plugins/simple-intranet2). Then go to the Members area and reinstall a previous version that was working for you. For Simple Intranet, as per the note there, you may need to increase your memory limit.
  5. Switch to debug mode and post the error details.
  6. Try switching browsers to see if it’s a browser specific issue or version (and update your browser if so). Try also switching computers if possible. If a link issue, try re-saving the Settings / Permalinks page or switching to another link format, retrying and switch back etc.
  7. If applicable, switch between a local and hosted environment to see if there are local or server configuration issues vs plugin issues.
  8. Deactivate all plugins other than the one you are having issues with, and reset to a default theme (e.g. 2016). Retest and then introduce other plugins one by one, and then your theme to see if it’s another plugin. Many other plugins use non-native WordPress code such as JQUERY or AJAX which can conflict with ours. Contact their developer if you think that is the case.
  9. Take a deep breath. We support our plugins well and will do everything we can to help you and your clients, but we are not an agency that guarantees immediate support of all requests. We put a priority on fixing legitimate bugs that we can reproduce.
  10. Indicate to us all the versions you are using (e.g. WordPress 5.2.2, Simple Vacation 1.75, Internet Explorer 8) and give us exact click by click / keystroke steps to allow us to replicate your issue. If you are using a shortcode, cut and paste it to show us exactly what you are using. If we can’t replicate the issue, we can not fix it. Note to us only any “ERROR:” messages. “NOTICE:” or “WARNING:” messages are harmless and are NOT actually errors at all. Set your Debug Mode setting in your wp-config.php file to “false” to remove them.