Simple Leave Makes HR Easy!

Simple Leave is a WordPress plugin designed to allow Human Resource managers to more easily manage, approve and track employee leave days and hours.  Simple Leave attempts to simplify the complex date calculations for tracking accrued and carried over leave or vacations. It allows HR managers to receive trigger e-mails for reviewing and approving leave requests that are submitted from front-end forms using the [simple_leave] shortcode inserted into a post or page. Optionally, approved leave requests can be added to a separate category-specific events calendar on the front-end (e.g.  Contact us to view live demos!

Simple Leave makes calculations of leave based on the employee start date and the fiscal year start date. The employee start date can be set by the user by editing their User Profile, or by the HR administrator in the Dashboard / Leave area. Reporting is optionally available on the front end and back-end which displays earned, used and remaining days or hours for the fiscal year, and in total.

Intranet HR administrators can change the fiscal calendar and employee start dates for users on the back-end. HR admins can also set initial leave allowances, schedule leave allowance increases by date, and make offsets for earned or used leave.  Admins can add multiple e-mails to receive leave requests for approval, which can be set to Pending, Approved, Denied or Discuss. Approved leave requests will display in the appropriate Leave Category event calendar if that option is enabled (in Leave / General Settings). Admins can also add statutory leave days or other days your organization grants employees that do not count against accrued leave days.

In our latest update Simple Leave version 1.18,  we have included full tracking of hours and days. We have Simple Leave live at our demos and available now in our Members area or via your Dashboard / Plugin Updates function. Some highlights:

  • Option to track leave by hours or days, or partial days
  • Improved front end reporting for lifetime and fiscal year periods
  • More options to accrue leave or carry days earned forward
  • Statistics include leave days earned, used and remaining
  • Form has options for hours, partial days as well as whole days
  • Backend features include the ability for admins to add Banked Leave vs Other Leave (e.g. sick days, personal days etc)
  • Email triggers now include dates requested and options for changing admin/approval recipients
  • General Settings allow you to change date format, add leave to calendar, round days, exclude weekends from time off, set hours in the business day and more
  • User Settings let you set the employee/member start date (if not already specified in your User Profile), set initial leave allowance, and set offsets (+ or -) to banked/earned or used leave
  • The Organizational Leave menu lets you add organization or country specific days off that do not count against accrued/earned days off

Contact us to view live demos now!