Plugin Shortcode Summary

Plugin Shortcode Summary

Simple Intranet[employees]Default values;

Optional (example values used, not all below can be combined);
company='Simple Intranet'
company_select='yes' (shows a pull down list when search='yes')
custom_location='West Coast'
custom='yes' (shows a pull down list of custom fields when search='yes')
"hide_avatar=yes" (remove avatars on the main listing page)
"hide_avatar_profile=yes" (remove avatars on the detailed profile page)

[employees search='simple'] (Searches all user fields)
NOTE: Using search='simple' and a valid meta_key (column) from the usermeta table allows you to customize this search further.
Simple Intranet[employees_sticky] [employees_sticky username='bsmith,radams'] (shows selected users at the top of the listing).
Simple Intranet[login-form]To display a new member/employee login form, use this shortcode: [login-form] in a post/page.
Simple Intranet[access]To show content only to employees with specific roles, add content between these shortcodes: [access role=”administrator,editor”]Content for admins or editors only.[/access] in a post/page. Instead of roles, you can specify capabilities: [access capability=”si_edit_profiles”]Content only for users who can edit directory profiles.[/access].
Simple Intranet[is_user_logged_in]To show content only to logged in users, add content between these shortcodes: [is_user_logged_in]Content for admins or editors only.[/is_user_logged_in] in a post/page.
Simple Intranet[upload]Add an upload function in pages/posts using [upload uploadpath=”testing1″] and display it using [upload_list dir=”testing1″]
Simple Intranet Org Chart (Google API)[org_chart]width="400"
Simple Gridview[employee_grid]Default values;
NOTE: when using search="simple" you can filter by any usermeta table meta_key value (eg meta_key=”value”) and sort by any usermeta table meta_key

To limit to show the first 12 records with employee photos 80 pixels wide & high with no search function, and displaying email and title, but not department or company for the role of Subscribers only sorted by first name in ascending order use: [employee_grid limit=12 columns=3 avatar=80 search=no email=yes title=yes department=no company=no group=subscriber sort=first_name order=asc]

To exclude a group from the directly use [employee_grid department_exclude=”Finance”]

To show custom search fields (up to 3 available), use the custom parameter as follows and it will display all populated search labels in the search pull-down. This example also shows how to limit to employees in a single department and search by last name as default; [employee_grid search=”yes” defaultsearch=”Last Name” custom=”yes” department_group=”Finance”].

To use a simple search (no pull-down menu) of all user fields; [employee_grid search=”simple”]

To allow for a “reverse phone lookup” for phone #s or extension, use these parameters in the shortcode: [employee_grid phone=”yes” extension=”yes”]
To display users within a single company as defined in the user profile Organization (Company) field, use; [employee_grid company=”ABC Corporation”].

To display users within a single location as defined in the user profile Location field, use; [employee_grid custom_location=”Western Region”].
Simple Dynamic Org Chart[simple_org_chart] Attribute default description
width 1160 (int) Canvas width
height 800 (int) Canvas height
mtop 40 (int) margin top
mright 120 (int) margin right
mbottom 20 (int) margin bottom
mleft 120 (int) margin left
img_w 60 (int) avatar width
img_h 60 (int) avatar height
Simple e-Newsletter[enewsletter_subscribe]The shortcode has 3 parameters that you can customize.
show_name enables/disables the “Name” field in the form for site visitors.
show_groups enables/disables the group selection for site visitors.
subscribe_to_groups auto-subscribes users to the groups specified by ID.
For example, the shortcode configured as follows would hide the group selection checkboxes, automatically subscribe the user to groups with the specified IDs, and ask for the visitor’s name.

[enewsletter_subscribe show_name="1" show_groups="0" subscribe_to_groups="1,5"]
Simple Appointments[app_worker_monthly_calendar]
Sample shortcodes used in our live demo;
[app_services] [app_service_providers]
[app_pagination month="1"]

See Dashboard / Appointments to for more.
Simple Pollspollpoll id="1" where the ID of the poll is 1.
See Dashboard / Polls to create new shortcode IDs.
Simple Tiles[simple_tile]Default values;
[simple_tile avatar_size=”100″ grid_width=”600″ cell_width=”150″ cell_padding=”5″
search_form_width=”400″ search_box_width=”100″ sort="first_name" order="ASC"]
Simple Files[file]
Simple Files Search[file_search]
Simple Activity Feed[si_feed]
Simple Support [support]
Simple Bookings[booking]
Simple Leave[simple_leave]
Simple Announcements[simple_announcements]Default values: [simple_announcements title="News" items="3" words="10" read_more="More..."]
NOTE: title="no" will remove the title so that you can add your own in your post or page.