Our Simple Intranet plugins can be installed anywhere you can install WordPress. We always do our best to test our plugins with the latest version of WordPress which is currently (as of June 13, 2016 writing) WordPress 4.5.2 and the current stable version of PHP 5.6, and MySQL 5.6.

We have started to test also on PHP 7 for our core plugin and some others, but we ask that you send us any errors by posting to our Forum (“Warnings” are harmless, so we need to see only actual “Errors”) once you have debug mode set to True when editing your wp-config.php file.  Using the Plugins / Editor go to the file /wp-content/plugins/simple-intranet/si_main.php on line 22 or so and comment out the error_reporting(0); function by putting two slashes in front of it like this: // error_reporting(0);

Just note the sample server (PHP) settings below.  Note especially the max_execution_time and upload_max_filesize requirements (our core Simple Intranet plugin is 12 MB).  You will also need to add increased memory size to your wp-config.php file of your install too by editing your wp-config.php file.  For more on installation details click here.

PHP 5.6+ should be set up similar to the following sample configuration;

  1. safe_mode = off
  2. open_basedir = (no value)
  3. output_buffering = on
  4. register_argc_argv = On
  5. max_execution_time = 1000 (Recommended or higher)
  6. max_input_time = 300 (Recommended or higher)
  7. session.gc_maxlifetime = 15000 (Recommended or higher)
  8. upload_max_filesize = 25MB (Recommended or higher)
  9. post_max_size = 25MB (Recommended or higher)
  10. register_globals = off
  11. PECL json >= 1.2.0
  12. magic_quotes_gpc = on
  13. short_open_tag = on
  14. allow_url_fopen = on
  15. strict standards off (~E_STRICT)
  16. mysql support