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Our Simple Intranet suite of 30 WordPress intranet-related plugins provides the most popular features based on 5 years of feedback from 3,000+ clients. Buy now or upgrade your licence or renew your support. Please contact us for access to our live demos or if you wish us to help with the setup of your intranet.

We continue to focus on the most commonly requested intranet features which include the employee directory, online forms, event calendar, document management and collaboration features.  We are trusted by many US and international governments and organizations as well as Fortune 500 brands and retailers.  We also are happy to service non-profits and charities given our industry leading low pricing. Since we deliver all the source code upon purchase, we do not offer trials of our plugins but encourage you to request access to our live demos.

Features of our suite of intranet plugins include;

  • branded login securely password protecting your entire WordPress install
  • searchable employee photo directory with list, grid or tile views
  • event calendar with month, list or day views, widgets and add-event forms
  • front-end drag and drop file management user or custom role permissions
  • extended employee profile fields and round/square photos for detailed biographies
  • customized biography pages that can include photos, files and any HTML
  • Facebook-like activity feed with sidebar widget
  • private messaging between users
  • vacation workflow, front-end form and management area
  • most popular content (views) widget provided to show usage
  • out of office, anniversary, birthday and employee of the month sidebar widgets
  • organizational charts dynamically generated from employee profiles
  • see table below for other plugins and features

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Medium Licence
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Up to 10 users
Single domain
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*Prices are US $ for a 12 month term only. All licenses must be renewed after 12 months from date of purchase for continued software updates and support access. Discounted renewal rates may be available for a limited time. User limits are based on the number of users registered in your WordPress installation. Costs are one-time fees that include 1 year of e-mail and online forum support, updates, bug fixes & plugin add-ons. Charges will show from “PayPal *SIMPLE INTR” or similar on your credit card and your member access will be sent to you from . By purchasing you agree to our terms & conditions.

IMPORTANT: After your purchase, PayPal will send you an e-mail receipt. You will also receive an e-mail confirmation with a password and link to our Members area (from so check your SPAM/Junk email filters and you may need to wait up to 1 hour (if not received, contact us). For immediate access, use your payment e-mail as your username at the Members area and click on the “forget password” link.   

Contact us with any questions.  See our FAQs or Documentation for more.

Upgrade Your License

Upgrade from Small (10 users) to Unlimited licence.

Upgrade from Medium (100 users) to Unlimited licence.

Upgrade from Small (10 users) to Medium (100 users) licence.


Here are the 30 intranet plugins included with your purchase below (see table of shortcodes);

Simple IntranetLocks down your entire installation behind a username and password. Provides extended user profiles, a photo directory with detailed profile pages, advanced online forms, events calendar with multiple views, activity feed and organizational chart. Settings include logo branding on the login and admin pages, creating custom user roles/groups, customized display of user profile fields, phone formats, round vs square avatars and page or content specific permission settings.

Widgets include:
* employee list
* employee of the month
* out of office
* birthdays
* anniversaries
* most popular content
* activity feed
* employee search
* login form
Simple FilesFront-end drag and drop file manager with role or user level permissions, document revisions, download tracking, compliance management, bulk upload/downloads, tree view and more.
Simple LeaveProvides an employee leave workflow system using a front end form for recording and tracking requests. Has advanced options for weekends, banked leave, carry-overs, and integrated into the events calendar for displaying leave days.
Simple Grid ViewProvides a grid view format for the employee photo directory.
Simple TilesProvides a mosaic tile view format for the employee photo directory.
Smart ContentDisplay most recently accessed content in your intranet and see each users traffic, as well as total user statistics
Simple Activity FeedDisplays comments from top to bottom in a thread similar to Facebook's news feed.
Simple ADISearches for disabled users when using the Active Directory Integration plugin and makes them excluded from the Simple Intranet Directories (list & grid views).
Simple Dynamic Org ChartA dynamic expanding org chart that grows as you click on user avatars. It includes an easy to setup backend admin interface to assign users to direct reports in a hierarchy.
Simple SupportCreates a support ticket front end form and admin approval process on the backend to collecting support requests.
Simple New Employee WidgetAdds a widget that displays new employees based on their start date recorded by the core Simple Intranet plugin.
Simple Featured Employee WidgetAdds a featured employee to a widgetized area that includes a large avatar and text as well as a clickable name and photo to go to their detailed biography page.
Simple Page RestrictionIf you choose to deactivate site-wide password protection, this allows you more control by restricting access to your site by page or post, all or none.
Simple Intranet Login TrackingKeeps a log of intranet user logins and allows them to be filtered or exported.
Simple BookingsAdds booking requests using the Bookings menu from the Dashboard or via shortcode to any page or post. Admins and Editors can view booking request approval details and the status and approve the bookings.
Simple Google Event CalendarImport and sync your Google Calendar XML feed into the Simple Intranet Events Calendar.
Simple Intranet Event Calendar WidgetProvides the option to show event links in the standard Calendar sidebar widget.
Simple Intranet PollsAdd a poll to a post or page or sidebar and customize the colours and formatting.
Restrict access to polls by IP/cookies and display results instantly or in an archive.
Simple Intranet AppointmentsUsers can book their own appointments, or meeting rooms and manage calendar bookings on the front-end.
Simple Intranet Event Email UsersProvides option to send emails to users when an event is added or edited.
Simple Intranet Disable CSSThis simple plugin disables our CSS in simple-intranet/css/si_employees.css which controls much of the Employee Directory and related widget styling. This allows your theme to apply your own styles.
Simple ChatInstantly have your logged in users chat to each other in real-time.
Simple WikiTurn any page into a wiki, just like MediaWiki.
Simple Questions & AnswersProvides you to display a questions and answers section similar to StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers and Quora.
Simple e-NewsletterCreate and edit e-Newsletters and send to groups of your users.
Simple Events Calendar ProEvents Calendar add-on enables recurring events, custom attributes, venue pages, new widgets and a host of other features.
Simple Community EventsEvents Calendar add-on that provides front end event forms.
Private MessagingPrivate user-to-user communication using the front end, protected user information and file sharing.
Simple AnnouncementsCreate announcements that can appear on a page or post using a shortcode.
Simple Add New User RolesAdds ability to select a role/group via pull-down menu during the new user registration process.

NOTES: We build our plugins to work across all themes as per the codex standards, however we can not support themes, CSS or design, only our plugins.  For clients with over 100 users, we can provide some plugin installation support for a single installation to get you started if you provide a hosted server that we can access with WordPress installed on it. You can also contact us with more detailed installation requirements or customizations for a quote. 

Simple Intranet Plugin Blog Article Links

Simple Files

  • Drag and drop front-end file manager with user and group level permissions to access

Simple Events Calendar Pro

  • includes recurring events, custom event fields, saved venues & organizers, venue pages and more

Simple Events Calendar Community

  • allows users to enter new events from the front-end, with admin moderation and editing options.

Simple Employee Grid View

  • provides a customizable grid view of the employee directory and a search widget.

Simple Polls

  • for surveying employee feedback using a full page view, widget and poll archive.

Simple Appointments

  • visitors can book their own appointments using day, week and monthly calendars.

Simple Wiki

  • set up Wikipedia-like wikis and subwikis with front-end editing.

Simple Events Email Users

  • builds on the Simple Intranet Event Calendar allowing all users to be notified upon new or updated events.

Simple Leave/Vacation

  • booking system for leave/vacation time and approvals via e-mail to managers etc.

Simple Support Ticketing System

  • an easy to use support ticketing system for your intranet or business.

 Simple Tiles

  • Provides a photo only view of the user/employee directory which links to detailed profiles if enabled in Simple Intranet / Directory Options (options for avatar size and formatting)

Simple Dynamic Org Chart

  • A dynamic expandable org chart (uses Javascript) that fits a variety of page formats, and includes clickable round avatars that go do detailed biographies