PHP 7 and Updates to Simple Intranet

We’ve just updated our core Simple Intranet plugin version 3.14 with a number of basic PHP 7 fixes to resolve some deprecated (outdated) functions from PHP 4.  Note, however, that PHP 5.6 is still considered the most stable and recommended version of PHP for the vast majority of webhosts and PHP 7 is technically still a beta release.  Please see our detailed Installation Requirements for more.

If you are running PHP 7 and have issues, do switch to debug mode and post any actual Errors (not Warnings which are harmless) to our Support Forum. You will also need to comment out line 22 of the si_main.php file of our Simple Intranet core plugin via the Plugins / Editor (line 22 should appear as: “// error_reporting();”)

Some items we are working on include a totally new redesigned organization chart that includes avatars, a zoomable layout to fit on all pages or posts and clickable photos (avatars) that go to detailed biographies.  We are also updating Simple Files to allow for public viewing of files, and a default option to display all files to admin users.