Page Specific Restriction and Company Anniversaries!

company-anniversaryUPDATE: As a result of numerous requests, we have added the ability to restrict access to specific pages and posts via a separate plugin available in the paid Members area called “Simple Page Restriction”. Once installed, you can visit the Dashboard:  Settings / Page Restriction menu and select pages or posts to restrict access to. Note, with the Simple Intranet plugin installed you must turn off site wide protection in the Settings / Employees area (under Private Site heading, uncheck where it says “Redirect logged-out employees to the login page before allowing them to view the site.”).  You can now select specific pages or posts to hide and require a login to access to view. See further below for screenshot.

We have also added a Company Anniversary Widget which is fairly self-explanatory… I hope! You can set how many days in advance to show anniversaries.  Enjoy! 🙂