Simple Files Compliance Feature

In response to user feedback asking for more detailed tracking of downloads, we have added a new Compliance option to our Simple Files plugin version 2.23. Often there are documents which users must download and read which are required by various organizations.  This feature enables these organizations to ensure compliance by requiring selected users to download documents.

To enable this function, admins can go to the front end of the Simple Files area where [file] appears in a page or post.  Then click on the Options area (grey gear cog in top right of file management table) where you can scroll down towards the bottom and enable Compliance to be turned On (default is Off).  Once this is enabled, you will see a new Compliance tab when uploading files via the Media Uploader (in addition to Browse and Upload options) and a new Compliance tab when you login to the dashboard under Simple Files.

Step 1 – Turn On Compliance Option on Front-end

Step 2 – Select Users To Enable Compliance Tracking

Step 3 – Go To Simple Files Compliance Tab To View Tracking