New Dynamic Org Chart Plugin

As an alternative to the Google Charts API Org Chart that comes with Simple Intranet core plugin, we’ve created an expandable org chart called Simple Dynamic Org Chart.  Contact us to see it in action at our live demo here when you click on the round user photos down the right side. It uses an advanced Javascript library (D3) to create new nodes within the organization tree diagram. Download from the Members area now. You can add it via the [simple_org_chart] shortcode.

We’ve also created an easy to use drag and drop interface to assign users to direct reports.  It uses the same code as the core WordPress menu system.  You simply add users from the right column to the left and those indented report to the user above them. This replaces the parent username assignment function in the User Profiles area.  In a future release, we will look at including this as an option for assigning users to parents/direct reports.

image (1)

Using the parameters below, you can fit the chart to most pages.  It dynamically expands based on your size requirements, unlike the Google API Chart does.

Shortcode / parameters


Attribute default description
width 1160 (int) Canvas width
height 800 (int) Canvas height
mtop 40 (int) margin top
mright 120 (int) margin right
mbottom 20 (int) margin bottom
mleft 120 (int) margin left
img_w 60 (int) avatar width
img_h 60 (int) avatar height