Multiple Dynamic Org Charts

With our latest version 1.1 of the Simple D3 Dynamic Organization Chart, you can now create multiple org charts for showing different departments across a number of pages on your site. Clicking on user photos will expand or contract the org chart tree. Clicking on usernames will allow you to drill down to see user biographies as set up using our core Simple Intranet plugin. Using the same drag and drop interface in the Dashboard, you can add or remove users to a chart, and drag them up or down in the hierarchy.

Request a demo here to see it in action if you are not already a member.


By going to Dashboard / Org Chart you can select which shortcode to copy and paste into a page or post.  This will let you to create separate charts for departments or groups of users.  Note however, that you will now require an id parameter in the shortcode.

Org Chart Listings

You can always edit your chart at any time using the easy drag and drop interface. We used the same code as the core WordPress menu system for this functionality.

Dynamic Org Chart Drag and Drop Editor

We have also added more formatting options to the shortcode to allow you to customize the look of your charts. Note that this latest version is available from the Members area, and will also now accept updates from the Plugins area moving forward.

[simple_org_chart id="1234567890"]

Attribute default description
width 1160 (int) Canvas width
height 800 (int) Canvas height
mtop 40 (int) margin top
mright 120 (int) margin right
mbottom 20 (int) margin bottom
mleft 120 (int) margin left
img_w 60 (int) avatar width
img_h 60 (int) avatar height
label_y 10 (int) label text y-axis position
title_y 28 (int) title text y-axis position
department_y 42 (int) department text y-axis position