Getting Started – Plugin Version

Getting Started

How to get started, download and complete the installation of Simple Intranet Plugin Version, step by step.

Simple Intranet User Interface

1. How to Purchase

Visit our pricing page and switch to ‘PLUGIN VERSION’.  You’ll get list of subscription plans, please select plan and click on ‘BUY NOW’. Now you’ll redirect to payment order page. After payment process you’ll get payment confirmation mail & Simple Intranet login credentials mail.

2. Downloading the Plugin

After User loggedin with login credentials and you will get the my subscriptions page.In that page you will see the plugin with version and subsciption status and manage button. When user clicks on that button, it will be redirected to the subscription details page.In that page user will see the subscription ID and API key and license details with expiry date. And you will find the dozens of plugin downloads.

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