Front-End File Manager

Simple Files Front-end File Manager

Simple Files WordPress plugin is an easy to use drag and drop front end file manager. Simple Files allows admins or users to restrict user or role/group access easily. For example, you may wish to set up department folders for Marketing, Sales and HR.  Simple Files lets you create custom permissions for each department so only marketing employees can view marketing documents. It has a simplified front-end interface for easy document management that allows you to quickly create, move, copy or rename files and folders. Not only can you upload files or file structures but you can even manage document revisions. Our core Simple Intranet plugin allows you to create new roles beyond the standard WordPress roles, which we call "Groups" (Users / Groups / Add New). Download the readme.txt text file for more details.

Simple Files options include;

  • add file management table to any post or page using the [file] shortcode
  • add filename search using the [file_search] shortcode
  • front-end file permissions set by user or custom group/role
  • drag and drop moving/copying/renaming of files and folders
  • image previews when hovering over document icons
  • multiple file upload/download via zip file/archive
  • customized from email, name and messaging for shared files or folders
  • customized sort order of file columns
  • set single or multiple concurrent file revisions
  • optional file/folder tree view display
  • 3 file privacy levels: visible, hidden or blocked
  • restrict file uploads by type and size
  • optionally delete files from server and front-end
  • file revisions management and check in/out
  • compliance file management that confirms downloads by user

Unlimited users

Unlimited domains

12 months support*

Online forum support

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100 users

3 domains

12 months support*

Online forum support

Plugin install/setup

Suitable for small bussiness

10 users

single domain

12 months support*

Online forum support

Available currently for self-hosted WordPress accounts only (MultiSite is not supported), Simple Files gives you visual drag and drop file tree management.  It brings DropBox-like functionality to WordPress (but is not connected to or affiliated with in any way).  This plugin will be of particular interest to those with local and secure self-hosted installations of WordPress where links to external services such as Google Drive or are not desirable.

Simple Files allows you to bulk upload and download multiple files and organize them into folders using the core WordPress Media Library functionality. You can set permission restrictions on the front end using existing the WordPress roles (or create new roles in Users / Groups with our Simple Intranet plugin installed)  by clicking on any file or folder (see further below for details).

Simple Files includes many sharing options. It allows you to share any file or folder via multiple emails and view a personal "Shared With Me" folder for files restricted for viewing by the logged in user only. You can also track document revisions and check-in and out files.

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Compliance Feature

Basic Features & Overview

Simple Files v 2.0+ Document Revisions

Simple Files Version 1.90+ - Multiple File Upload/Download Features

Simple Files Dashboard Options

This plugin works well with Simple Intranet to provide easy file management and is included for paid members.  It can also work outside your intranet or on your regular publicly accessible website (with or without our Simple Intranet plugin) and be displayed on any page or post. You can set files to only be viewed or downloaded by admins or other specific roles.  Simple Files leverages the WordPress media uploader to make it easy to add files from your WordPress library, or drag them from your desktop.

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How does it work?

simple-files-drag-and-drop2Just install the plugin and add the [file] shortcode to any page or post. You can add this same shortcode to multiple pages for different file trees, but only one shortcode per page is allowed. 


- drag and drop files and folders
- upload single or multiple files at once
- select multiple files using  Ctrl or Shift keys
- set file management capabilities by role or by user
- customize permissions by file or folder
- files/folders inherit parent permissions
- document revisions feature allows for single or multiple concurrent document versions
- integrates with core WordPress Media Library
- "Shared With Me" folder displays shared files
- customize sharing e-mail(s) by name, subject and content with link
- permissions use standard WordPress roles
- customize allowed file types and upload limits


    simple-files-settings-tabsDefault MIME Types – allowed file upload types

  • Added MIME Types – added file upload types
  • Add New – add new or delete file upload types
  • User Roles – view custom roles, and edit capabilities of roles
  • Add Upload Max Size – change the upload file size limit

File Management Role Capabilities

  • sf_copy
  • sf_create_folder
  • sf_delete
  • sf_download
  • sf_options
  • sf_rename
  • sf_share
  • sf_view
  • sf_view_media_library
  • upload_files

Settings Available for Folders and Files
You can set any of these functions to be accessible or not by role;

Simple File Settings

You can configure your installation as follows;

  • default file (MIME) types allowed
  • file size upload limit
  • sort order of files
  • file change date and user who modified
  • customize email sharing content
  • import a zip file of folders and files
  • preview files prior to download
  • multiple download or upload of files
  • enable file revisions
  • display and track file downloads


See our latest blog post on Simple Files or contact us to view a demo.