Free Download

Download a free version of our Simple Intranet Directory plugin for WordPress. This is a limited version which includes only basic extended employee profiles, the ability to upload user photos/avatars, and a searchable directory. More details are further below. A directory can be added to any page or post using the [employees] shortcode.  To download the full version of our Simple Intranet plugin for WordPress, please click here.

Simple Intranet Directory

A simple and easy to use employee directory for your intranet or business.


Simple Intranet Directory is an easy to use employee directory listing of your users that includes extended profile information, user avatars/photos and a search function.

Upgrade to the full version of our Simple Intranet WordPress plugin and get these features;
* restricted access options for entire site or specific post/pages
* branded login area and admininstration panels
* Facebook-like real-time activity feed for employee communication
* the ability to upload images inside the activity feed
* an upcoming events calendar with an option for event listings
* extended employee profile fields including company information and mobile devices
* a searchable employee directory (e.g. by name) with avatars/photos
* out of office notifications and a sidebar widget displaying employees not available
* upload forms and directory function for posts/pages
* an employee directory sidebar widget
* form editor and administration for HR with download options on the backend
* a configurable “Most Popular Content” sidebar widget (by views)
* instant organizational charts that pull user/employee data from profiles

NOTE: To upgrade you will need to deactivate and delete this Simple Intranet Directory plugin from your server. Don’t worry, your photos and employee data will however be saved and accessible in your the full version of the Simple Intranet plugin.


Thank you for downloading our Simple Intranet Directory plugin. Here is a quick primer on the installation and setup for installing our plugin-in.

1. Download and unzip the plugin and copy/extract the “simple-intranet-directory” folder and all of its child files to the “wp-content/plugins” directory of your installation.

2. You will then need to activate the Simple Intranet Directory plugin in the “Plugins” area of the Dashboard.

3. Set up your employee directory by uploading employee photos via either the “Users/Employee Photos” or “Users/Your Employee Profile” menus.

4. Add a searchable employee directory listing by inserting the [employees] shortcode into a post or page.

5. View these and more options at the “Simple Intranet” menu item in your Dashboard or visit

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the look of my employee directory?
You can edit the style sheet file called “si_employees.css” found in the /css folder. This includes classes for the “employeephoto” and “employeebio” areas of the directory.

How can I change the size of the employee photos?
Click on “Users / Employee Photos” and down the page under “Photo Options” you will see the third option is for the size of the photos in pixels.

I’m uploading employee photos but they are not appearing or saving?
This is typically caused by a folder or a permission issue. First ensure you are uploading to the right folder, and test the image URL in a separate browser to see if it has uploaded. Also, under “Users / Employee Photos” and down the page under “Photo Options” your will see an option for “User Uploads” where you can manually set the Avatar upload directory. Be sure you have “write” privileges and not just “read” privileges. You may have to use a FTP or HTML editor to “CHMOD” the folder to change permissions to allow “write” access.