Cloud-based intranet for small businesses – A good option in these challenging times!

For your business to thrive and survive, it all comes down to making some smart choices.

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Irrespective of the size and scale of operations, it’s best to keep your options open as your business grows and your requirements evolve. So, while your decision to move forward with a cloud-based intranet for small business does have its valid reasons, it is critical to consider all the factors before rushing in. This begins with analysing your internal resources, the overall costs, and future goals. 

What about the initial start-up and overall cost? 

When it comes to selecting a cloud-based intranet, a lot depends on how much you are willing to spend, both up-front and over the longer term. As far as cloud-based systems are concerned, costs include more than just the subscription fee. Consider your internal costs and timeline for the design and implementation, as well as the resources required to support your new intranet. 

“Starting Small” is OK as you ensure your basic requirements are met. Understand you should have a system that you won’t outgrow as your own business grows! The good thing about cloud-based tools is their flexibility, such as enabling you to add or replace employees at any point in time. Besides, the whole infrastructure is designed to address your specific need and concern. Additionally, finding a “best fit” solution to cover 90% or more of your current needs now, but which also has additional functionality for future needs is preferable for the best long-term choice. 

Benefits of switching to cloud-based intranet solutions 

By hosting the intranet software in the cloud, your small business will be able to access many benefits related to operational, financial, and technical advantages. The subscription costs are minimal, and this cost covers everything: Server specifications, installation, storage space, technical maintenance, and support. Many organizations don’t have dedicated intranet or IT staff to deal with all the technicalities of installing and maintaining the internet on your premises. In that case, cloud-based solutions are what you are looking for.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • Easy to set up and highly scalable
  • Access it anywhere and anytime
  • Keeps costs low and predictable
  • Reduces additional training cost of the IT staff
  • Zero server maintenance
  • Lower cost of investment with higher ROI over time
  • Flexibility to address the unique needs of your company 
  • Easy to deploy and gain user adoption

By choosing a cloud-based intranet, you are taking the right step towards fulfilling your primary objective. However, it helps if you make it a point to evaluate your company’s needs and determine the overall costs.

Risk factors associated with cloud-based intranet

There are many third-party solutions in the market for cloud-based intranets. When it comes to selecting a service provider to manage all the sensitive information, such as HR information, company strategy and policies, it’s natural to be hesitant to put this data in the cloud. Having said this, with Simple Intranet, you have a rock solid platform with data kept on encrypted servers with regular backups.


As your business grows and evolves, so will your intranet requirements. The key is to choose a solution that is feature rich, but also flexible to meet your unique needs, branding and corporate culture. Simple Intranet is the perfect solution to achieve both these seemingly conflicting objectives. Reach out to us for more information or a demo. See HERE for user videos that showcase user and admin functionality!