Tree View Added to Simple Files

We’ve added the option to view files/folders now in a tree view format in Simple Files version 2.05. You can toggle between this new tree view and the original breadcrumb view using the Settings (gear icon) option menu.  We’ve also added error logging for tracking any issues.



There are new settings for the tree view and error logging now in the Settings (gear icon) below;tree-settings

E-mail Groups When Events Added

The latest Simple Intranet version update 2.56 adds the ability to e-mail custom groups when adding an event from the front end using the Community Events plugin add-on or adding/editing an event from the Dashboard. This feature uses the core WordPress wp_mail() e-mail function.

Here’s how it looks on the back-end;

Screenshot 2015-03-30 at 08.35.31

And here’s how it looks using the [event_form] front-end shortcode;

Screenshot 2015-03-30 at 08.40.25


Simple Files 2.0 Document Revisions

In Simple Files version 2.0 we’ve introduced the ability to manage document revisions.  Using the front end settings (gear icon), you can choose between “None” (default), “Single” or “Multiple” concurrent file revisions. If set to single, each file may be checked out by only one user at a time. This option is useful for version control. If set to multiple, files may be checked out by many users at the same time and the responsibility of version control falls on the users.  See the new Document Revisions video tutorial below, as well as previous Simple Files related tutorials for more.

Simple Files v 2.0+ Document Revisions

Simple Files – Multiple File Upload/Download

Simple Files – Overview

Round Photos, API Key and Custom Dates

round-avatar-billy-smithIn version 2.42 of Simple Intranet we have added the option to make user photos round vs square in the Directory Options.  This will however depend on if your theme supports round avatars. We also added custom date formatting to the Birthday and Anniversary widgets (you may need to resave your widgets after update to activate). For future plugin updates, admins will also need to obtain an API key from the Members area and paste it in the Simple Intranet / General Settings area (or the Plugins area when trying to update) to enable further updates. Note that admins must login to the members area using the same login email as was used for payment. Screenshots are further below.

Our team of developers are also working on big updates to Simple Files plugin which will include the ability for document revisions and history. We are also revamping our Simple Vacation plugin to simplify it’s use and make the front and back-ends more user friendly. As always, we continue to take client feedback on improvements and feature requests that will improve our intranet plugins for all.  Please do continue to post any support issues directly to the support forum as well.

widget-date-options api-key


round-photos-image round-photos

New Activity Feed Plugin With Shortcode

We’ve just added a new plugin specifically for adding an activity feed using a shortcode: [si_feed]. Note that the existing activity feed that is included with the Simple Intranet core plugin will remain unaffected.  A benefit of using a shortcode to add an activity feed comment thread to a page or post is that you can create multiple discussion “groups” on separate pages rather than a single central discussion. When an admin is logged in, they will have the ability to post to any Group they like via a pull-down menu.  Note that the current version 1.0 is in beta and is available at the paid members area, and updates the feed via AJAX every 30 seconds.  Contact us via the support forum if any issues.

Here are details from our Documentation section on how to implement this plugin. See the screenshot further below for an example.

Simple Activity Feed Plugin

  • A simple Activity Feed that refreshes comments every 30 seconds 
  • Add this shortcode to more than one post or page (once per page/post): [si_feed]
  • The Admin or Editor can add comments to specific groups (roles) via a pull-down menu
  • Note: You must have comments activated on the page where you place the shortcode (See Settings / Discussion as well as the Screen Options / Discussion checkbox in top right of Dashboard)


Simple Files Adds Folder Import And More

Based on client feedback, we have added a number of new features to Simple Files version 1.92+, our front-end file management plugin. Click here for our general Simple Files overview.

Multiple File and Folder Import

This has been requested a number of times… so we finally figured out that we can do it, assuming your PHP version supports it.  If you have ZipArchive enabled in your PHP version, you will be able to create a folder tree of files, zip it and import it.  Once you have imported the zip file, you simply open/extract it using the new extract folder icon as shown below.


Multiple Files and Folder Download

OK, so those that want to highlight and download multiple files or folders at once can also do that in version 1.92+ of Simple Files. To upload multiple files, you can click the upload icon (first one with blue up arrow) and either Shift or Ctrl click the files you want to upload in the Media Manager of WordPress.  To download multiple files, highlight them in Simple Files (front-end) using the Ctrl key and clicking on them with your mouse.  Then click “Download” in the options menu and they will be downloaded as a zip file which you can extract (again, assuming you have PHP with ZipArchive module enabled).


Simple Files Settings

There are a multitude of new settings available… You can set the FROM, SUBJECT and BODY formatting of the shared file emails you send.  You can customize the sort order of how files display on the front-end, by name, type and creation date.  If available, the user who last modified the file will also be shown. You can also now set permissions based on Group OR by individual User now.  This is a big one that clients have been asking for, and more closely resembles other mainstream file sharing services features such as DropBox.  And lastly, there is a display of whether or not your PHP installation on your server supports key modules for file previews or multiple uploads or downloads: ImageMagick and ZipArchive.



Simple Files Video Demo




Hide More Profile Fields and Front-end Plugin

We’ve been busy updating various elements of our core Simple Intranet plugin this summer.  We’ve updated the core events calendar code, and been fixing small bugs with the birthday and anniversary widgets.  We’ve also greatly optimized the speed of loading for the directory list and grid views.  Further to that, we’ve just added a number of options to the Simple Intranet / Directory Options page (in version 2.08) to allow more back-end profile fields to be hidden from your users.  See the screenshot further below for details.

We’ve also added a new Simple Front-end Profile Plugin to our list of 24 plugins. This allows you to insert the [profile] short-code on any page or post to allow logged in users to edit and update their basic profile information: first/last name, email and password. However, for even more control on showing/hiding extended profile fields/options on the back-end, see Dashboard / Simple Intranet / Directory Options.


Custom Employee Directory Template

Simple Intranet version 1.93 and Simple Employee Grid View plugin version 1.78 adds a custom employee directory template option in the Simple Intranet / Directory Options menu area of the Dashboard. This popular request allows for employee fields and HTML to be added and customized when using the [employees] directory shortcode. See our Documentation section also for fields available and below.


Simple Support Ticket Plugin BETA

We’ve just launched a beta of Simple Support, our ticketing support system plugin now available in the Members area.  Here are the highlights of how it works below;

  • To add a support request form to the front-end, insert the shortcode [support] into any post or page
  • The support requests then allows the support admin and the requester to exchange comments on the issue until resolved
  • Visit Dashboard / Support to view All Requests, add a New Request, see Your Support History and manage Settings
  • Set a default email address to receive or route support requests in the Support / Settings area
  • Emails are triggered to the support admin each time a new ticket # is generated by a request
  • Admins can mark a request Resolved (from Pending which is default) and the comments are then closed and the support request author is notified
  • You can add or remove “support_” capabilities from any role, but Subscribers have default Dashboard access to their own requests, and admins and editors have full admin rights to approve pending requests and mark them as “Resolved”

simple-support-admin simple-support-front-form simple-support-requests


Simple Files Search

We’ve just added a search function plugin Simple Files Search that integrates with our Simple Files version 1.76+ plugin.  This has been a highly demanded feature, especially since the backend Media Library search function is less than ideal (and slightly buggy).  Just visit the Members area to download the Simple Files Search plugin and update to the latest Simple Files plugin to activate the 2 shortcodes as per below. We have also squashed a number of bugs in Simple Files version 1.76 relating to permissions and folder issues.