About us

We have been in the Intranet business since 2008 and have learned a lot since those early days. From the beginning we have followed three guiding principles:

  • Build a quality and feature rich product based on open technology
  • Listen to our customers and give them a voice in the product roadmap
  • Be passionate about providing world-class customer service

As of 2020, Simple Intranet has a over 2,000 customers in 25 countries!  Our growth has only accelerated this past year with a new release and a hosted cloud-based solution. We also moved our offices to Jacksonville Florida (USA) recently and have completely re-architected the core Simple Intranet product for enriched functionality and improved performance. We now offer a hosted intranet solution that is comparable to the leading intranet products in the market but at a fraction of the cost.

Our team of developers and support folks are completely dedicated to Simple Intranet staying the world’s number one intranet plug-in!

Our Mission

Today's intranet solutions are overpriced for the value they bring, too "vanilla" and lacking in both features and customization. We fill this gap with a lightweight solution that comes loaded out-of-the-box with heavyweight features. Our aim is to support today's work-from-home environment with greater productivity and collaboration while letting you personalize the solution at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Everyone Collaborates

There's little value having an Intranet it not fully utilized by all employees. Simple Intranet will have your employees wanting to make it central to their daily work!

More is More

We were tired of getting nickeled and dimed for piecemeal functionality, user counts and other stuff. No more. You can get everything, one price and no B.S.

Intranet 24/7

Intranet is what we do! We use Simple Intranet ourselves (along with 2000+ other customers) so we know what's important in an Intranet solution!

Our Team