Chris Charlwood Founder, CIO

Chris Charlwood has been developing code and working with open-source software since 1999.  After graduating in 1993 from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario Canada with a BCOMM with Honours in Marketing, Chris spent the next 7 years in 3 separate marketing and corporate management roles in fundraising, consumer packaged goods and financial services sectors.  This enterprise experience coupled with running an online agency for business to business clients has lead to an epiphany: There is truly not a simple intranet solution that is both affordable and easy to implement for socially oriented businesses.

Microsoft SharePoint and Citrix for years have complicated System Administrator’s lives with high cost and complex intranet solutions as well as an expensive licensing fee structure.  Simple Intranet takes a different approach: it is based on community tested open source code that is optimized across all browsers and devices, including smartphones and tablets.  It is hosted on your own secure server, not ours, and content can be managed easily using a simple dashboard.  Setup of WordPress only takes 10 minutes, and in another few hours you can load up and configure a dozen or so plugins with a free theme to be up and running with a shiny new intranet that your employees with actually use.  And why WordPress you ask?  WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, used by the majority of the top Fortune 500 websites, runs 25% of all websites and has been downloaded over 65 million times!


Chris Shinnimin Developer

Christopher J. Shinnimin is a highly experienced PHP and MySQL developer. His skills extend beyond basic object oriented programming to CSS, Javascript, JQuery and AJAX. Chris is now based out of the city of Nelson in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, but was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and educated at the University of Winnipeg receiving a Bachelor of Science Honours degree majoring in Applied Computer Science.

He  has been a business owner since 2008, and has had a variety of prior experience working for large and small organizations developing both web applications and other software using a variety of tools and technologies. He enjoys diving into the WordPress API, building and fixing plugins to extend the features and functionality of the world’s most popular and powerful content management system.


Carlos Velasco, Developer & Support

Carlos has over a decade of online development and support experience.  He evolved from being a Windows-based Applications Developer (using VB6 and Delphi) to becoming a Web Developer in the year 2003 (experienced in PHP, ColdFusion, and Classic ASP). Back then, Carlos was developing (or co-developing with others in a team) customized business systems tailor-fit to the requirements of the clients… be it desktop-based or Web-based.

On the Web, some of the important projects he has developed from scratch included an Online Dating System and a custom-made Content Management System. That was a long time ago. he’s now focused solely on using WordPress and the two behind-the-scenes software that make it so powerful – namely, PHP and MySQL.

Past Recommendations (connect via LinkedIn)

“I have worked with Chris and have only positive comments to say. He is professional and very knowledgeable at what he does. He has always provided exceptional service and has always led me in the right direction. He has always turned things around quickly and has been very good at knowing what we need to be successful.”

– Lawrence Renzo Delvecchio, Nationals Sales Manager, BCS Global

“I have worked with Chris, the owner of Charlwood eMarketing, and have only positive comments to say. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and efficient at what he does. He has always provided exceptional service as well as guidance in regards to the best direction to move forward in. He truly is an expert in his field!”

– Holly Dollinger, Marketing Director, ENBALA Power Networks

“Chris was always helpful in our marketing, giving us great tips to push the envelope on our marketing message while also making introductions to action oriented partners who ran with the ball. My company made lots of money because of Chris’ efforts, and I would work with him again, and recommend him to others.” August 11, 2009

– Greg Bibas , Vice President Business Development and Marketing Operations , AHA Group, Inc.

“Chris is a highly-skilled emarketing professional that is always willing to work with me to achieve my business goals . His depth and breadth of knowledge of online marketing makes my job much easier as he is able to advise and recommend strategies that consistently perform very well. The level of service and professionalism that I have received from Charlwood eMarketing are incredible, even when I’m working under tight deadlines. He is responsive and thorough, and always willing to answer my questions, and/or provide feedback on concepts. If you are looking for a list broker, email deployment, or simply an online marketing consultant, Chris is a great individual to work with and I’d happily recommend him to you.”

– Heather Ilsley, SMART Technologies ULC

“Amazing individual – straightforward and honest. Follows through on timelines and follows up! Creative, high energy and resourceful – an out of the box thinker! We finished a business transaction together without lawyers and it was very successful for both companies. We keep in touch with various business opportunities – wish we could do more. A smart individual and a proud Canadian.” August 11, 2009

– Chris Timken , VP , Insight Commerce