A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Corporate Intranet With WordPress

The productivity levels of any organization or business, regardless of its size and scale, increases when the employees stay connected.

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To make the employees a vital part of the workplace ecosystem, most organizations are now looking at better communication modes. Focusing on the employee experience and making it easy and enjoyable will further benefit the organization.
A WordPress Intranet is an ideal platform where employees can collaborate, interact and communicate, especially when remote work is now the new norm.

Why use WordPress as your platform?

Setting up a Corporate Intranet on WordPress is not as complicated as it may sound. It is similar to building a new website for customers. However, this time around, it is for the employees. As one of the most flexible and versatile platforms, it offers businesses and corporations the ability to share documents, files, planned vacations, real-time organization charts, and much more.
In short, the WordPress Intranet is nothing more than a WordPress setup that is further hosted on the WordPress platform. Moreover, it is beneficial for most organizations, as the platform is entirely secure and private.

One of the most significant advantages of using WordPress to build an intranet is its customization. All it takes is a skilled and qualified WordPress development team to develop tailor-made solutions to address the core needs of businesses and corporations. Besides, the cost of setting up the entire Intranet is minimal. When companies are looking for ways to reduce costs, switching to WordPress is a viable path to take.

Since WordPress is mostly open-source, organizations can shape their respective Intranet with the help of additional WordPress Intranet Plugins.

What you can do with a WordPress-based Corporate Internet Site 

Organizations are keen to provide employees with a platform to share ideas and exchange information. Creating a WordPress Intranet allows you the quickest path to setting up a private portal for employees.

On the WordPress platform, admin and business owners will be in a position to:

  • Develop an internal knowledge base and make it accessible to all the employees.
  • Keep employees up to date with all the latest developments.
  • Present employees a secure mode of communication to communicate.
  • Upload and store essential documents that employees can access with ease.

When it comes to creating and setting up an intranet site, it isn’t any different from a regular WordPress site. More importantly, finding the right plugins to get the desired functionality on the intranet site becomes necessary. Some of the plugins that are considered appropriate for most of the WordPress sites are as follows:

  • BuddyPress: The social network functionality of BuddyPress makes it ideal for creating specific profiles for each employee, set up instant messaging options, and much more.
  • WordPress Multisite: Although it is not exactly a plugin, WordPress Multisite can be helpful, especially when organizations want to allocate different departments or groups to a particular area in the Intranet.
  • BBPress: Perhaps the best plugin for any intranet site is BBPress. The good thing about this plugin is its simplicity, goes with almost any design, and can be integrated with plenty of other add-ons.

How to create an Intranet with WordPress?

The process is easy. Organizations, big or small, first must have a clear understanding of the intranet site framework. It also depends a lot on how they want the employees to access the Intranet.

  • A true intranet is only accessible when connected to the company’s local network. Most organizations (big or small) prefer to use localhost solutions like XAMPP or WAMP.
  • As for allowing users to access intranet sites outside the network, the ideal solution will be to opt for a hosted WordPress install and secure the same with a plugin like All-in-one Intranet.

Considering the flexibility it offers, WordPress is one of the best platforms to utilize in building an intranet for a corporation. With the help of a highly skilled agency like Simple Solutions, it is possible to develop a customized intranet WordPress site that aligns with the company’s strategy and objectives. 

Need Assistance with your Corporate Intranet?

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