Send E-mail Notifications To Users When Events Added

event-email1Simple Intranet customers who login will now see a new plugin add-on to the Events function.  This highly requested feature allows you the option to send emails to users when an event is added or updated. NOTE:  requires the Simple Intranet plugin to already be installed.   Here are the readme.txt file instructions included with the download for paying members.


1. Download and install the Simple Intranet Events Email plugin to the Dashboard / Plugins area.
2. Go to Events and Add New and fill in The Events Calendar details as required.
3. On the same Add New Event page, scroll down to “Email Users” section and check the box next to “To e-mail all users about this new event, check the box ==> [ ]” to send an e-mail to all users.

Important Note: E-mails will be sent to ALL users EVERY time you update or add an event when the checkbox is checked, so be sure to uncheck it if you want to edit/preview an event before sending out emails.