Round Photos, API Key and Custom Dates

round-avatar-billy-smithIn version 2.42 of Simple Intranet we have added the option to make user photos round vs square in the Directory Options.  This will however depend on if your theme supports round avatars. We also added custom date formatting to the Birthday and Anniversary widgets (you may need to resave your widgets after update to activate). For future plugin updates, admins will also need to obtain an API key from the Members area and paste it in the Simple Intranet / General Settings area (or the Plugins area when trying to update) to enable further updates. Note that admins must login to the members area using the same login email as was used for payment. Screenshots are further below.

Our team of developers are also working on big updates to Simple Files plugin which will include the ability for document revisions and history. We are also revamping our Simple Vacation plugin to simplify it’s use and make the front and back-ends more user friendly. As always, we continue to take client feedback on improvements and feature requests that will improve our intranet plugins for all.  Please do continue to post any support issues directly to the support forum as well.

widget-date-options api-key


round-photos-image round-photos