Voila, Instant Org Charts!

Using the wonders of Google’s Org Chart API, we’ve coded up a nice little feature, dynamic org charts! Thanks goes out to our client Malonn from Jasper Contractors for his suggestion.  All you need to do is add [org_chart width=’400′ height=’300′] (change the values as you please) to a page or post and update your “User/Your Profile”.  The chart automatically formats itself, and pulls an employee’s name, title and department from their extended user/employee profiles.

You can also use the Users / Import from CSV feature to assign usernames to the “parent” column (that is the usermeta table meta_key value in MySQL database of WordPress). Just assign usernames to the “parent” column for those users direct reports.  To make a user at the top of the chart, assign their username to their self.

Just a few notes though: Google says that their API is not recommended for more than 100 employees.  Also, you may need to apply a “Full Page” template in your theme to fit the org chart as it widens. Each theme will render charts differently, and so you may not be able to render your chart properly in each theme, or at all.

Just go to “Users / Your Profile” and scroll down to update this Organizational Chart Option pull down menu below;

image (12)