Event Calendar & Out of Office Updates

We have been busy adding new features to our core Simple Intranet plugin as well as bringing you new event add-on plugins in the paid Members area.  Here are some highlights from the new event calendar functionality now available;

  • Updated calendar views, optimized speed, extra widgets including an event count-down, featured venue and mini-calendar
  • Recurring events are now supported, along with custom event fields, saved venues & organizers, venue pages and more
  • Users can enter new events from the front-end, with admin moderation and editing options

Admins and users can now turn on and off the out of office notifications from the front end when using the Out of Office sidebar widget. Also, now all employee photos that appear in any of our widgets (Employees, Employee of the Month, Upcoming Birthdays, Company Anniversaries) are now clickable through to a detailed employee profile page (assuming this option is enabled by admins in the Users / Your Profile area).

We also added a Category option to the front-end event form when using the [event_form] shortcode in a post or page, which allows the use of multiple calendars. You can set up Event Categories (similar to Post Categories) under the Events menu of the Dashboard.  You simply create categories, and then assign them to new events entered.  For example, you can display a calendar with only events assigned to a category called “Red” with a URL slug “red” by linking to it as follows; www.yoursite.com/events/category/red. This will display the calendar with only those events in that “Red” category.

P.S. We’ve just upgraded to a new dedicated server, so apologies for any server slowness in the past week or two, our traffic is crazy these days! 🙂