Employee Directory Grid and Search Widget

Simple Intranet version 1.67 adds an Employee Search widget and fixed an ordering issue in Upcoming Birthdays widget. Note, to use the Employee Search widget you must have an active employee listing page using the [employees] shortcode. We also added Employee Directory shortcode parameters for hiding search, setting the size of the employee photos/avatars along with limiting the number of records shown per page. For example, insert this shortcode in any page or post: [employees limit=25 search=yes avatar=100] which allows 25 records per page, an optional search bar at the top of the directory listing and an photo/avatar pixel width of 100 pixels.

We have also introduced our Employee Directory Grid View plugin now available in the paid Members area. The grid view format offers options for customizing the number of records per page, columns shown, avatar pixel width and the ability to show or hide the search bar.  The default shortcode values are:  [employee_grid limit=25 columns=4 avatar=80 search=yes].  Along with the grid view, we have also included an Employee Grid Search widget that can be displayed in a sidebar or other “widgetized” area.