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Simple Intranet is a suite of WordPress plugins for small to large sized businesses. Buy or try now.

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Employee Photo DirectoryRound Employee PhotosBCS GlobalJPRA ArchitectsYYZ TranslationsEmployee Directory Grid ViewBoston Connect Real Estate Company - 25 EmployeesSimple Files - DropBox-like File Manager for WordPress
Big Update To Employee Photo Directory
Round or Square Employee Photos
BCS Global - 250 employees
JPRA Architects - 50 employees
YYZ Translations - 25 employees
Employee Directory Grid View
Boston Connect Real Estate Company - 25 Employees
Download Simple Files... DropBox meets WordPress!

Powered By WordPress

Our intranet plugins use bullet-proof WordPress code as a base. WordPress is built, optimized and maintained by hundreds of open source community developers.  It is used by Fortune 500 companies include Ford, Samsung, Nikon, Best Buy, GE, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, UPS, Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola and Yahoo.  The WordPress interface ensures an easy to use back-end for your employees.

Mobile Ready

  • intranet code uses HTML 5 and is flexible to all screen sizes
  • sites are smartphone, tablet and desktop compatible
  • PHP code and MySQL databases are optimized to be fast loading and super light to reduce lags and server load

Easy To Use

  • WordPress code has intuitive menus which we leverage in our intranet dashboard back-end
  • we provide fast support for quick answers and fixes as required
  • we offer an activity feed, employee photo directory, online forms, event calendars and more

SharePoint Alternative

  • many clients looking for Microsoft SharePoint alternatives migrate to our WordPress solution
  • SharePoint is “clunky”, “overpriced”, “time-consuming to implement” and “under utilized”
  • Simple Intranet is a DIY solution that is low cost, fast and easy to implement in a day

Customize To Your Site

  • add your logo to the admin header and/or login screen to brand your intranet
  • our plugins are theme independant, and have CSS that you can customize




Employee/Staff Directory Video Demo

Forms Video Demo

Activity Feed and User Groups Demo

Appointments / Room Booking Demo

Polls / Survey Demo


Simple Google Apps Single Sign-on

Simple Files – Basics

Simple Files – Multiple File Upload/Download

Simple Files – Version 2+ Document Revision Management